New year, new habits: The brushing apps that help kids brush their teeth right (and keep them for life)

The start of a new year is often the point at which we pause and set goals. For many of us the goals relate to unhealthy habits we want to kick or new ones we want to create.But parents shouldn’t have a monopoly on setting goals. If we share our approach with kids, they can … Continued

Orthodontist or dentist: Who is best for your orthodontic treatment?

If you think you or your child might need braces, a question that may cross your mind is: Orthodontist or dentist: Who is best for orthodontic treatment? I’m not surprised people feel confused about the difference between an orthodontist and dentist. If you’ve never given it much thought making a distinction between orthodontists and dentists … Continued

Answering big orthodontic questions: Do retainers work?

Here’s a scene I see every day.My lovely patient has just completed braces treatment and they’re smiling into the mirror, realising they’re finally free. Yay!Then I remind them: they need a retainer to keep those gorgeous teeth they’ve worked so hard for straight and in place.A question I’m commonly asked at this point is: Do … Continued

Help my child is 8! Is it too early for their first visit to the orthodontist?

Recently I overheard one mum say to a friend I’ve booked Tayla* in for her first visit to an orthodontist.Now just to be clear, I wasn’t eavesdropping, but my ears did prick up, especially when her friend responded with, Isn’t that a little early? I mean she’s only eight!It’s a question I’m asked by a … Continued

SO Smile! Book of the week

Here you can listen to my radio interview where I discuss my new book, SO Smile!  

SO Smile: Dr Sarah Dan launches the only orthodontic treatment book a parent needs to survive braces

I’m excited to announce that I’ve finally launched my book SO Smile: A guide to straightening the confusion, concern and catastrophes around orthodontic treatment. Order your copy of SO Smile now! And while this is good news (high five moment), I’m even more excited for the parents, teens and kids who’ll benefit from SO Smile.Why? … Continued

Manual v. electric toothbrush. Which is the best toothbrush to use during during orthodontic treatment?

Patients often ask me Which is the best manual or electric toothbrush to use during orthodontic treatment?I can relate to this question completely. Whenever I walk down the toothbrush aisle of any supermarket today, I can see why people find it confusing. There is such a wide variety of manual and electric toothbrushes to choose … Continued

The ultimate orthodontic holiday checklist: what to pack in your Christmas travel sack

The ultimate orthodontic holiday checklist is a big call, isn’t it? But the truth is, we think we’ve got a handle on this one. Having treated thousands of patients – and worked through holiday orthodontic ‘emergencies’ – we’ve learned a thing or two about being prepared.With Christmas approaching (let me count the days!) and travel … Continued

What’s the Difference Between Braces and Invisalign?

What’s the difference between Invisalign and braces? is a question I’m asked daily by patients.Invisalign and braces are both treatments used by orthodontists to straighten teeth, however they do this in different ways. What are the benefits of braces? Braces are used to correct a variety of problems, including crowded, crooked, spaced or protruded teeth … Continued

5 Insider Tips For Loving Your First Day With Braces

So, it’s your first day with braces and you’re wondering what’s next.Maybe you’ve heard a lot of different things, but questioning whether they’re true.Is it possible your first day with braces could be easier than you think?We like to think it is! Yes, your first day with braces will require some adjustment.However, with these insider … Continued

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