SO Smile: Dr Sarah Dan launches the only orthodontic treatment book a parent needs to survive braces

I’m excited to announce that I’ve finally launched my book SO Smile: A guide to straightening the confusion, concern and catastrophes around orthodontic treatment.

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And while this is good news (high five moment), I’m even more excited for the parents, teens and kids who’ll benefit from SO Smile.Why? Because I feel it’s the only book a parent or carer needs to understand the ins and outs of orthodontic treatment, which can be confusing and unnecessarily costly.If you decide SO Smile would be a valuable resource, you’ll read in it: “the primary reason I decided this book was important to write is because I want mums, who are often the people responsible for making the decisions around orthodontic care, to know what’s needed to get the best smile for their kids without breaking the bank. And I want them to have the information they need, presented in language that is easy to understand, empowering them to make the best possible decision. Quite simply, this book is intended to take away the concerns and confusion that lead to orthodontic catastrophes and cause mums like me to worry themselves silly about whether they’ve done the right thing.”What I’ve observed from having seen thousands of patients is a common theme to the questions and concerns patients have. I’ve also seen the mistakes people make in seeking treatment. SO Smile seeks to address the questions, uncover the myths about orthodontic treatment, and empower parents and carers – especially mums – to make informed decisions. What will you discover in SO Smile?My biggest commitment through SO Smile is to help people avoid the common confusion and catastrophes around orthodontic treatment. The main reason? Because I’ve found people are being taken advantage of, particularly when it comes to orthodontic treatment for their children.How do I know this? Well, I can answer that question easily. Virtually every day I see mums and their kids who:

  • Have signed up for orthodontic treatment they don’t understand
  • Have received over treatment for their child’s condition
  • Have felt confused about why they’re having treatment (would you believe many people have NO idea why they’re receiving treatment?)
  • Are overwhelmed by the cost of orthodontic treatment
  • Feel pressured to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ and have orthodontic treatment, sometimes even when they don’t need it.

Through SO Smile, I’ve endeavoured to address these issues, presenting solutions in clear, non-technical language that’s easy to understand and makes sense.How can SO Smile help you?SO Smile can help you make orthodontic treatment decisions with confidence and certainty.Apart from being a specialist orthodontist with a particular interest in early interceptive treatment, I’m a mum too. Not surprisingly, my two children will need orthodontic treatment (in fact, one has already started!).With my own direct experience, I can empathise with the mothers (and dads and carers) who come to me with their kids and must make an important decision that will affect their child’s long term health and outlook on life. It’s easy for me to put myself in their shoes, appreciating the impact it will have on the patient’s family.For example, I totally understand the practical logistics of getting to appointments, adjusting to treatment, and integrating the cost into the family budget. I know for sure that without my own training and direct personal experience of braces treatment, I would feel overwhelmed and confused too. I might not even proceed with treatment simply because it was all too hard to work out what was right for my child and me. Or worse, I could be like some parents who spend money on braces treatment without really understanding the investment’s value – or the exact nature of their child’s treatment. Unfortunately, this happens all too frequently. The result? Parents pay for treatment to be repeated (sometimes more than once) because their previous choices weren’t fully understood or investigated.If you are considering treatment for your child, it’s my hope you take SO Smile and use it as a reference.The SO Smile book launch is happening soon!The Menai Orthodontics team and I are super excited about the official launch of SO Smile.With all the buzz around the book, the tickets our Girl’s Night Out for a screening of “The Hustle” starring Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway, disappeared very quickly. But don’t worry if you missed out. We’ll share on the fun on Facebook and Instagram. Stay tuned for updates!There’s no doubt SO Smile wouldn’t have been written if it weren’t for my lovely patient community. Be sure to get your copy of the book when we next see you.Dr Sarah Dan is a specialist orthodontist and advocate for early orthodontic assessment. With the launch of So Smile: A guide to straightening out the confusion, concern and catastrophes around orthodontic treatment, she has established herself as an authority on orthodontic treatment. Dr Sarah Dan is available for consultations at Menai Orthodontics, Sydney and can be contacted through her website, where copies of her orthodontic treatment book, SO Smile can be purchased.