Just as important as the braces themselves!

Retainers are used once treatment is complete.

Their purpose is to maintain your Beautiful Confident Smile that you have waited so long for!

Your retainers will be made from an impression that is taken of your teeth once your braces are removed. After their fabrication they will be fitted and instructions explained about their importance.

How to wear retainers

You will be asked to wear your retainers full time for six weeks with the exception of eating, drinking hot drinks and swimming. After the first six weeks your retainers will need to be worn each night for 10-12 hours (while you are sleeping works best) for as long as the teeth are to be maintained in their position. As teeth move over a lifetime, whether treatment has been carried out or not, it is best retainers are worn indefinitely.

What are your options?

There are two types of retainers:
Option #1
Removable Clear Retainer
Option #2
Lingual Bonded Wire

If retainers are lost or broken you should contact the practice as soon as possible to make an appointment to have new ones made. Your first set of retainers is included in the overall treatment fee but subsequent ones will incur an extra charge. It is the patients’ responsibility to wear retainers and maintain their orthodontic result.

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