About Menai Orthodontics

Meet the Team

Our team are ready to help you!

Behind every great orthodontist is a fantastic support staff.
Our warm and friendly staff will take the time to get to know you and make sure that your needs are taken care of. Not just at one or two visits, but every visit. Really!
Our valuable team members all play an important role, making sure your time with us is well managed, fun, interactive, informative all while offering the highest level of patient care.

Your orthodontic experience with us will not be a lonely one. We care. We will support you every step of the way.

I have questions. Let me talk to the team!

At Menai Orthodontics the goal of our auxiliary staff is to work together with our Specialist Orthodontists to ensure that our patient’s time with us is informative and productive, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Administration Team

Our friendly receptionists will take their time to assist you with enquiries and appointments. They will welcome you into our office, schedule your appointments and undertake all the necessary paperwork. Their years of experience in the orthodontics field means they also have lots of helpful information to guide you through your journey to a BEAUTIFUL CONFIDENT SMILE.

Treatment Co-ordinators

Our treatment co-ordinators will be part of your initial consultation with your orthodontist. Their goal is to take care of the boring stuff, like paperwork and appointments, so your orthodontist can concentrate on you, and plan the best treatment path for you to achieve your treatment goals

Dental Hygienists

Our friendly Hygienists work closely with our orthodontists as well as the auxiliary staff daily. They are trained in providing dental health care and work closely with our patients to ensure all our patients have the best treatment outcome.

Chairside Assistants

Specifically trained as orthodontic chairside assisting, our team excel at anticipating the needs of the orthodontist and hygienist. They are at ease ensuring our patients feel comfortable and relaxed during their time with us, especially for those patients who may be a little anxious.

young girl looking at the work done on her teeth