The parents’ playbook for surviving kids orthodontic treatment every family should read

It’s easy to think kids orthodontic treatment affects just one person. The child (or teenager) who’s been prescribed the treatment.The reality of kids orthodontic treatment, however, is vastly different.As a specialist orthodontist, and author of my soon to be released book So Smile, I’ve learnt a few things about orthodontics, including early interceptive treatment. One … Continued

Orthodontic treatment costs: expense or investment? Understanding the return on investment from orthodontic treatment

Wondering if orthodontic treatment is expensive? It’s a great question. If you or your child is about to embark on a journey to straighter teeth, or even undertake more complex orthodontic treatment, it’s worthwhile understanding orthodontic treatment costs. Why? Because every patient deserves to see the cost of orthodontic treatment as an investment, rather than … Continued

Do I really need to floss during orthodontic treatment? (Yes, and here are the reasons why)

Flossing during orthodontic treatment. It’s not exactly the subject people bring up to make conversation, right?I get it.When I check in with patients about why they should floss during orthodontic treatment – regardless of whether they’re kids, teens or adults – I always get the same look.Boring!Now while it may not be information you like, … Continued

Thumb sucking: a worrying sign your child might need an early orthodontic assessment

Thumb sucking is a common behaviour among babies and little kids.While we understand babies instinctively put just about anything in their mouth until around four months, thumb sucking isn’t instinctive. Actually, thumb sucking is thought to be reflexive, and more a technique used by a child to self-soothe. Many children simply grow out of the … Continued

Braces treatment: The insider’s guide to how things have changed

About to launch your braces treatment journey? Feeling dazed and confused? It’s completely understandable. Knowing all the braces treatment options can be a real challenge. This is especially true if you’ve heard of – or can only recall – the ‘bad old days’ when there weren’t many braces treatment options.  Everybody has heard a braces … Continued

Is it ever too late for adult orthodontic treatment? 5 facts you should know

Adult orthodontic treatment has never been so popular. As people understand more about the benefits of treatment, there’s a desire to take advantage of what was previously only available to a select few. Once people may have asked, why get orthodontic treatment as an adult? Now, I’d say the question is, why wouldn’t you?Less about … Continued

Is Your Child Mouth Breathing or Snoring?

The question of mouth breathing or snoring in children is a hot topic.Debated widely among dental, orthodontic and medical professionals, many parents feel confused about how to best help their child.Mouth breathing, snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome (OSAS), as it’s technically known, are worsening problems in developed countries.The science behind these disorders in children … Continued

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